Holding the stretch, you got this

Personally I love holding asanas, especially after recently practicing Yang yoga I really started to consider the effects of  of holding, and breathing, into each stretch, balance and position. Here’s an amazing article I read about the many mental and physical benefits, and tips to holding your asanas! Enjoy! Hannah x When practicing asanas, count […]

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Accepting where you’re at

After succumbing a recent hamstring injury, I have realized how important it is to listen to your body and simply accept where you’re at each day and in each practice, not forcing yourself despite a previous achievement if it doesn’t feel right. I constantly tell my students to ‘breath into’ areas of tightness in the […]

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Yoga Nidra

Like many, I begin and end my classes with mindful relaxation or ‘Yoga Nidra’, laying in Savasana and guiding my students through their bodies and breath, and it is a very rare occurrence that all students keep their eyes closed the entire time and lay completely still; indicating an active mind. For years this was […]

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